Socratec Telematic GmbH

Socratec Telematic GmbH is a medium-sized specialist offering GPS-based telematic solution in the market segments transportation and logistics, service and handicrafts business, car and construction machine rental.

Core competences are disposition of vehicle, mobile timekeeping, electronic logbook, measurement of fuel consumption, theft alert and contruction machines status monitoring.

Socratec Telematic GmbH has several dedicated software solutions in its product scope to manage trailers, containers, railway waggons, vehicles and construction machines: SocraSecure is used to prevent theft of vehicles and machines, SocraRoute to document routes and also to be used as an electronic vehicle logbook. SocraDispo is used by transport companies to manage their fleets and SocraWork is used for mobile timekeeping.

SocraCargo is developed in order to monitor containers and and Swap bodies. SocraFlite was developped in cooperation with ESA BIC Darmstadt / cesah GmbH in order to track and monitor air freight.

The web-based control center software SocraMapCenter is easy to use, well designed and has a lot of useful functions to manage and monitor logistic units.


  • 2014 Development of Socraflite airfreight tracking system
  • 2013 Expansion of international business
  • 2012 Android order management software (App)
  • 2011 Remote security electronic lock for trailers
  • 2010 Order management development
  • 2009 CAN/FMS software
  • 2008 New bordcomputer generation (CAN/FMS, fuel consumption)
  • 2007 Market introduction of new control center software SMC
  • 2006 Moving from Regensburg to Bensheim Rhein-Main
  • 2005 Enhancing of strategic focus
  • 2004 Renaming into Socratec Telematic GmbH
  • 2000 Start of marketing of on-board computers
  • 1996 Foundation of Socratec GmbH